Hi, I’m Dawn, and I’m the Accounting Manager.  Almost every new client comes in to me first.  I make sure your Dawnbooks are correct and up-to-date, and I learn the account and what the client needs.  Once everything is running smoothly, I transfer the new account to the permanent bookkeeper.  Because I learn all the accounts as they come in, I am the safety net so that there are always at least two of us here who can perform any function needed.

As if that weren’t enough, I’m also the Sales Tax Coordinator who makes sure your Sales Tax is filed and paid on time!

I have years of experience in QuickBooks, as well as experience managing the physical and financial end of several businesses.  I am the accountant liaison, as well–the one who makes sure that when your books reach your accountant, they are accurate and clean.

My specialty areas are reading and understanding the needs of franchises, including reading those pesky daily sales reports, and property management accounts.

You can reach me at 609-654-9002 x 102

and my email is dawn@1866dobooks.com