When we set up your QuickBooks for you, we take the time to discuss your business with you, find out what kind of reports would be helpful to you, and ask enough questions to be certain we are not leaving anything out  

The reports you are able to generate from QuickBooks can give you a lot of useful information if the books are set up and utilized correctly. When you look at your numbers, do you just want to see that you made $25,000 of income last month? Or do you want to know you made $15,000 from sales of Widgets, $5,000 from servicing Widgets, and $5,000 from Consulting Services to Widget Owners? How your chart of accounts is set up and the basic data entry instructions to properly utilize that chart of accounts is what will determine how good your reports are.


You’ve heard the saying “garbage-in, garbage-out,” and it couldn’t be any more true than with bookkeeping. 

If you discover your books are wrong, (we usually hear the term “a mess”) fixing it can be a daunting task for most business owners.  We dig down and find the errors, and replace fiction with fact.  After we do triage to your books, you will feel confident that the numbers you are seeing reflect reality.  That’s also a very nice thing to know if you ever get audited!


If you or a member of your staff needs to learn how to use Quickbooks, or learn more advanced skills, we can provide one-on-one training in person or by phone. Call to discuss your specific needs.