We offer two options for helping you, the the business owner or employee, learn the basics so you can keep reasonably accurate books that your accountant can use to prepare your taxes.
First, we offer one-on-one stepped training (your place, mine, or phone).  These are usually 60-90 minute intensives in which we evaluate your existing books (if any) help you to make corrections or set up accounts properly, and then begin to teach you how to do what you most need to do first.  In subsequent sessions we help you advance, usually focusing on the things you’ve noticed you don’t know how to do.
From time to time we offer three One-Hour Group Workshops designed to give basic principals and skills.  This is a more affordable way to get good basic information for the self-starter, at $49-$59 per workshop. If  you are interested in participating the next time we offer this course, let us know here.  

*All seminars presented by Owner/CEO Denise Worrell

Seminar 101 – Accounting Principals You Must Understand
  • Minimum Accounting: the least you need to know and still keep a set of books your accountant can actually use
  • Setting up the Chart of Accounts so that your bookkeeping efforts yield intelligent results
  • Debits and Credits, Journal Entries, and other terms you don’t want to know and never will figure out anyhow–what to do about these
  • Doing it the easy way: using registers and other familiar methods to enter data in QuickBooks
  • Reconciling bank accounts and credit cards to “proof” your books
  • Transfers: Moving money from one bank account to another in your books
  • Cash or Accrual and what’s the difference, anyway?
  • Reports, Reports: What do I need, where are they, how to I make them, and what do they tell me?
  • Paperwork: How to tame it so you don’t lose your mind–or your money
Seminar 102 – Accounts Payable 
  • Bills and other payments due: Why enter them if I’m not paying them yet?
  • How to enter bills into QuickBooks: And especially how to make sure the balances they say you owe agree with what YOU say you owe
  • How to pay bills in QuickBooks: It’s as easy as click and print, or click and send. Really. It’s that easy
  • How to handle Credit Cards charges and payments, balances due, due dates
  • How to handle loans OR lines of credit. Posting interest, reconciling with non-traditional statements
  • Automating the Whole Process – Recurring payments can populate in your QuickBooks automatically  so you never forget!
  • Using your bank’s bill-pay – pros and cons, how to automate that process so you never forget, and other time savers
  • Paperwork: What to keep and how to organize it so you can always prove you paid.
Seminar 103 – Accounts Receivable
  • Setting Up Your Customers in QBs: Plus tricks to give you much more than their basic information
  • Before you ever make an Invoice: Setting up the “item list” and mapping it to your Chart of Accounts
  • Creating Invoices: Plus, print, email, save
  • Customizing your Invoices: so they reflect your branding
  • Receiving Payments: Following the money from receipt through deposit in the bank
  • Sales Receipts: Skipping the invoice and going straight to the sale
  • Statements and Receivable Reports: Tracking what is owed to you

For one-on-one QuickBooks Training to help you or your key staff to successfully utilize any of the QuickBooks programs. Please call for an appointment. 609-654-9002 x101