Our clients are small businesses, people who need to spend their time running their business, not doing their books.  (Denise always jokes that the only person who makes money doing bookkeeping is her; everyone else is losing money when they are doing their books)

So who are they?  You can see our actual client list, but this is how it breaks down:

19% are Contractors

14% are Real Estate or Property Managers/Landlords

8% are Restaurant or Food Services

7% are Consultants

6% are Animal Services

6% are Education Services

5% are Retail Establishments

4% are Niche/Other kinds of Businesses

4% are Professionals

4% are Medical Services

3% are Non-Profit entities

3% are Entertainment Industries

3% are Personal Bookkeeping

3% are Design Services/Artistic

2.% are IT/Telecom

2% are Gym/PT

2% are Financial Services

2% are Shipping/Transportation Services

1% are Manufacturing

1% are Photographers

1% Publications

1% are Salons

(Did you add that up?  No?  Only a bookkeeper would bother.  Well, it only adds up to 101%.  That’s because I rounded the percentages so as not to look too geeky…)